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Trucks & Auto FAQ

  • Do I have to have a dealer’s license to buy from Trucks & Auto Auctions?
    • No, we are a public auto auction which means anyone can participate in our auction.
  • Can I take a vehicle I’ve won home with me that night?
    • Yes, we accept cash, Cashier’s check, credit or debit cards for payment. When your vehicle is paid in full, you can take your new vehicle home.
  • What is the buyer’s premium? Why is it taxed?
    • The buyers premium is the auction fee added to the final auction sold price. Idaho State Tax Commission does require that we collect sales tax on that fee added to the purchase price.
  • How do I get the title?
    • In State: The title paperwork is completed at the time of purchase, then it is processed and sent to the DMV. You will receive your title in the mail in 30-60 days.
    • Out of State: The title will be processed and mailed to you.
  • Can I test drive the vehicle?
    • Unfortunately, no. We do test drive the vehicles 1.2 – 2 miles and list any major items detected in the catalog for your convenience. Please keep in mind that we are not mechanics and any issues listed or missed are for informational purposes only. No warranties expressed or implied as a result of any issues listed or missed.
  • Where do the cars come from?
    • The majority of the vehicles come from new car stores, government surplus and private consignments
  • Does it cost anything to register for the auction?
    • No, registration is free but does require a valid credit card in order to register
  • What does live webcast mean?
    • We broadcast our live auctions through our website and mobile device app which allows you multiple options to bid on the vehicles. You can bid in person or in the comfort of your own home with the webcast option. We do highly recommend, for your first time, attending a live auction to get familiar with the process.
  • Why do I have to put in payment information to bid online?
    • Payment information is required  to make sure that we have a means of securing the purchase when the auction is over. Your credit card is NOT automatically charged at the close of the auction.
  • What does “price not realized/make offer” mean?
    • This means that the vehicle did not meet the sellers reserve price. After the auction, we work with the sellers to get the lowest price they are willing to let the vehicle go for then offer it up for sale at that price. You can come in or call on Friday to see which vehicles did not sell, those vehicles can be purchased outright on that Friday after the auction.
  • I was the high bid, why didn’t I win the car?
    • Sometimes the auction price does not meet the sellers reserve price, what the seller is willing to sell the vehicle for. A lot of times we will be very close to that price and will work with you and the seller to try and get the vehicle sold
  • What does TMU mean?
    • TMU means “true miles unknown”. This can occur if there is a discrepancy between the reported miles through AutoCheck or Carfax and what is shown on the vehicle or if the odometer does not work.
  • What is a lemon title? Salvage title?
    • Lemon Title means that there was an attempted repair under warranty at a dealership and was unable to be fixed after 3 separate attempts. The manufacturer can be made to buy back the vehicle if certain conditions are met, the vehicle title will then be branded a “lemon”
    • Salvage Title means that the vehicle has been in an accident or damage has occurred where the insurance company “totaled” the vehicle. The “totaled” valuation is determined by the insurance company guidelines where the value of the repairs exceeds a certain amount of the vehicle value. The vehicle has been repaired after the damage and the state has now issued a “Salvage” title meaning that it is a repaired vehicle from previous damage. There are many salvage title vehicles out there repaired by qualified repair shops that run for years.
  • The check engine light was on, but it wasn’t listed. Can I get my money back?
    • Every vehicle is sold As-Is, no exceptions. It is up to you the buyer to inspect the vehicles during preview days so you can have a good understanding on what you are bidding on. Since the check engine light can come on for so many different reasons, from the gas cap being loose to one of hundreds of other reasons, we do not list that. We do provide a picture of the instrument cluster with the engine running so that you can see if it is on. We also allow you to bring a mechanic of your choice to inspect the vehicles prior to bidding, you or they can bring a code scanner to see what codes the vehicle has stored in its memory and make a determination on weather to bid.
  • Do the vehicles have reserves? (why can’t you tell me the reserve?)
    • Most vehicles do have a reserve and per our agreement with our consignors, we do not disclose what those prices are.

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